About Us

ICC Corp collects 1 months complete billings in all of the areas that you are spending in telecom. With the billings we then analyze and determine three things.

  • Is there cost recovery in which we can get back from your carrier's (up to two years).
  • We assess the design of your telecom construction, to ensure you receive exactly what you need and are not paying for hardware or services that are not being used.
  • Does the pricing you are currently receiving from your carrier put you in the most competitive pricing category that you should be in?

The savings that are found is then split on a 50% agreement between you and ICC Corp.

Paul Weicker, president and founder of ICCcorp, spent 10 years working for Bell Canada designing networks, evaluating customer requirements and developing cost-efficient, streamlined solutions to service each customer's particular needs. He has spent the last 15 years as a private consultant.

What he determined: Each business is unique and requires specific services to fit their needs. The "off the shelf" offerings of the carrier are not always the best solution.

The Company: ICCcorp's unique telecom creativity and engineering capabilities provide cost-effective workable solutions, without unnecessary complexity and appearing completely transparent to the customer.

A representative of a major carrier once commented on an ICCcorp solution that it appeared to him that the solution was too simple. The customers comment? "...It may seem 'Mickey Mouse' to you, but it reduced our costs by $80,000 per year..."

Keep in mind: The sales representative for the carrier works on commission and earns his living when you buy from them. ICCcorp earns its income by reducing your expenses.

It is your money; you decide how you want to spend it.

In today's marketplace there are contingency-based consulting firms in every field. The customer reaps the benefit of their expertise without any risk or up-front costs. The consultant retains a portion of what they recover for you, creating a win-win situation for you and them. You profit from their expertise without having to hire and train in-house staff to do the job.

Your company continually strives to be as competitive as possible and you reserve your staff for the essentials. A division of specialty consultants is a luxury that most firms would not be able to justify.

Some companies suggest that their IT person handles the telecom decisions. Over the years, IT people have proven to be extremely effective at managing networks and computer systems. However, when it comes to cost auditing, including the telecom side of the equation, companies are putting too much responsibility on this division.

Telecommunications pricing is inconsistent on virtually every service offered by the carriers, and it is next to impossible for people who are not well versed in the field to find their way through the maze. How do your busy IT people evaluate all the offerings, determine what will work for you, have those services implemented, determine how to cost justify the changes made and rectify the situation if the changes don't measure up to your cost and service justifications, while still properly maintaining your networks?

Remember: the carriers you deal with only present their best solutions, not the best solutions (if it involves their competitors). Every firm faces these continuing problems.

The Solution: Bring in the experts. Obtain references that assure you the consultant handles service issues and has a billing system that is accurate and easy to follow. If you are required to spend money to create cost reductions, are you credited back for the out-of-pocket expenses? Your consultant should be capable of handling all your telecom requirements, not just bits and pieces. Your consultant should save you time as well as money. Knowing that your communication needs are in the right hands, provides you, and your other key employees, with the time needed to excel in what should be your top priority: the operation of your business.

ICCcorp is the answer.

It's your money.