Case Studies

Situation #1: Carrier A recommended digital line services to a large optical manufacturer. In our investigation, we could not find any supporting documentation for the capacity (number of services) installed and the prices being charged were inconsistent with other customers of roughly equal size. When ICCcorp completed its findings, we determined the customer had been oversold in a number of areas.

Changes: After a report of findings, the carrier reduced 800 and long distance rates, removed 50% of the digital services and rebated $9,000 to the customer.

Results: $57,000 lower cost per annum and a $9,000 up-front rebate.

Situation #2: The customer has four Ontario locations and a Dallas, Texas location. Their carrier had set up their 800 service on an automated attendant which allowed the caller to select the location they wanted with the system routing the call to the desired location. The system worked, but the voice quality was poor, and the configuration was costing the customer $0.29 per minute when the market rates were $0.07.

Changes: ICCcorp recommended an inexpensive routing system (a one-time capital cost of $3200) and brought the rates down to $.07. ICCcorp also changed the carrier lines and brought voice quality up to normal.

Results: Coupled with other changes we effected overall cost reductions of 144,000 over 24 months.

Situation #3: A customer was making $1800.00 worth (monthly) of calls from Burlington to Toronto.

Changes: ICCcorp created a "pipeline" to carry this traffic directly to Toronto and converted the long distance calls to local calls. Monthly cost for the pipe was $64.00 per month and one time equip costs approximately $200.

Results: The customer saw an annualized cost reduction of $41,664.

Situation #4: The customer was on an old billing platform. Their services had not been reviewed by their carrier for at least six years. We found data services being paid for that had been disconnected five years earlier, but still being billed for.

Changes: In doing the review of the local services, we found the customer was 70% over provisioned. Long distance and 800 services were at 80% above market rates.

Results: Total recovery was $480,000. Go forward cost reduction was $240,000/year. Recovered money and cost reduction accomplished with existing carriers while under contract.