After 30 years of traditional telecommunication cost reduction, we have refocused our sites on bringing our expertise to the cell phone market with some very amazing results.

In the past we always took a portion of what we saved you over 24 months as our payment. We since have made life easier for all concerned.

We have refocussed our attentions to mobile communications,and rather than charge a percentage of savings, we developed a digital cell phone network that will reduce your costs significantly, increase voice quality provide all the comparative services of your existing carrier without changing your cell phone numbers.

We also developed a cost comparison program to make it easy to do a comparison and made it simple for department heads to know at a glance how much their department is spending each month without spending hours trying to figure out who did what and what did it cost. Use their time for more important areas.

We reduce your costs by making it possible for your cell users to utilize our network automatically (or mannualy if preferred). The prices we charge you for comparable services from your current carrier are 20%-40% less. We make our money the same way your carrier does, monthly billing for network usage.

My Name is Paul Weicker, I am the president and I would like to talk to you in person about our program.

Call me 1(800) 361-9290